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It is a unique experience to see and follow sea turtles, these peaceful and mesmerizing creatures…

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Turtle Watching Is One Of The Coolest Activities In Linapacan

To experience turtle watching in the best conditions, our team will bring you to a spot we try to keep secret.

Here you can see turtles feeding on seaweed and grass at the bottom of the sea. Thanks to the particularly clear waters of Linapacan, you can see up to several meters deep. These are ideal conditions for turtle watching. Enjoy these magical moments!

From Turtle Watching Experts

Tips For Successful Turtle Watching


Sea turtles are active at certain times of the day. Be ready when your team leader takes you to the observation site, and follow these tips:

  • Check out our team members on the kayak: they will point you where turtles have been spotted

  • Never try to interact with the turtles: they are wild animals that we should only observe, not disturb

  • Once you spot a turtle, follow it! You’ll discover its habitat and its way of life in the wild

Tropical Paradise Tours

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