Tropical Paradise Tours

Spend Your Nights Camping On Remote Deserted Islands

Experience camping far from civilization in the middle of the deserted islands of Culion and Linapacan.

Each night, your boat will stop at a different campsite, where you will spend the evening and sleep either in tents or in Kubos, the traditional Filipino huts.

There, in these remote locations, you can witness the breathtaking spectacle of the Milky Way, relax by a campfire or chill with a drink. A real moment of relaxation, far from everything.

Unwind With A Drink

After a day full of adventure, what better way to unwind than with a drink or a alcohol cocktail?

Savor Your Dinner

In the evening as well as during the day, our chef is there to offer you an excellent cuisine.

Enjoy A Big Bonfire

Every evening, our team builds a big fire. It is a show and a meeting place not to be missed.

Spend The Night On An Island

The Awe And Fun Extends Into The Evening

Snow Sports Events

Night Activities

In the evening, your team leader may suggest games and other activities to extend the fun of the day into the evening.

A campsite of Tropical Paradise

Glowing Plankton

From the beach of your camp, witness a fascinating natural phenomenon: the bioluminescence of plankton.

Kubos, traditional Filipino huts


Enjoy stargazing at the Milky Way under a clear sky, truly one of the most beautiful spectacles while island camping.