Living In Linapacan Islands

Discover The Daily Life In A Fishermen Village

During the expedition, you will have the chance to discover a small fishing village lost in the middle of the immensity of the Linapacan landscape.

Discover what daily life is like in this remote corner of Palawan, and how the local people live from their fishing activities.

This meeting is often a source of new understanding for visitors, and a welcome distraction, especially for the village children who are always happy to see new faces!

Discover the daily life in the Linapacan islands during a boat expedition in Palawan

Meeting The Locals

Meeting The Locals

Fishing Village

Fishing Village

A Meeting Between Two Worlds

The visit of the fishing village is often the occasion of a rich cultural exchange. It is an opportunity to adopt a new perspective on a country or a region behind the postcard landscapes.

Kids in a Linapacan Fishermen Village in Palawan
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Living in Philippines “Last Frontier”

In this place far from modern civilization, you will understand why Palawan is nicknamed “the last frontier” of the Philippines. It is a life close to nature and the elements.