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Make Your Jump in the Best Conditions

A Team of Dedicated Individuals

Our team is composed of people who care and have been making it happen for you since 2015.

Quality Boats and Equipments

We use some of the biggest boats for our expeditions to offer you a safe and comfortable experience.

Camp On Deserted Islands

Our campsites are set on beautiful private beaches with Kubos, traditional Filipino huts.

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Give a great experience to our customers, while having a positive impact on local people and nature.

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This is one of the activities of the expedition you will remember forever. Fun, exciting and thrilling!

From Cliff Jumping Experts

Tips On Making A Sweet Jump


Our team is there to assist you before and after the jump. To ensure a successful jump, remember these basic principles:

  • The cliff is “only” 6 meters high. But remember that the view differs depending on whether you are at the top or the bottom!

  • Jump forward, and stay upright during the fall. To facilitate entry into the water, squeeze your legs as you enter the water.

  • You don’t have to jump. If you prefer to walk back down, just do it. Absolutely no one will judge you for that!

Meet Our Crew

Team Leaders

Teresa T. Refrea
Teresa T. Refrea
Team Leader
Enrique Andeza
Enrique Andeza
Tour Manager
Bherna B. Palisoc
Bherna B. Palisoc
Customer Service
Rubelyn Languita
Rubelyn Languita
Office Manager